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We also have a wealth of videos from previous CDEs. Prices are $50 for each video. Feel free to contact us with an event name and year and we will let you know what we have available.


Sterling Graburn and Ulano – 2012 World Single Horse Championships

Ulano and Sterling Graburn are gearing up for the 2012 World Championships later this summer. We wish all of the US team luck at this competition.


2012 USEF Single Horse Entries

Entries in the 2012 USEF Single Horse Competition held at the Southern Pines CDE in North Carolina. Sterling Graburn and Ulano were crowned the eventual champions.


Six-In-Hand Team in Dressage with Lisa Stroud

Lisa Stroud drove her team of six at the Southern Pines CDE at the Carolina Horse Park in April 2012. Watch their dressage test.

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Jan Jan Hamilton at Live Oak 2011

Jan Jan Hamilton drives JAO Desparado through a fast paced marathon during the CAI Live Oak 2011 CDE, setting the fastest time on the marathon of ALL COMPETITORS. Ron Barnett navigates through the course. Special thanks to Team Hamilton.


David Getz’s pair at Live Oak 2011

David Getz drives a pair through the obstacles at Live Oak CDE.


Black Prong Morgans at Live Oak 2011

Alan Aulson drives a pair of Morgans from Black Prong Equestrian through the Obstacles at Live Oak 2011.